london: cheating sameness

© kk outlet / putput - sex tape

stefan friedli and martin larsen are a quirky artist swiss-danish duo based in copenhagen. better known as putput, they perceive the world with a twist, blending the ordinary with corny fantasy or out-of-the-box reasoning, resulting in witty or downright cool visual concepts. their work straddles a handful of disciplines, including photography, sculpture and design, and is often marked by astute observation and a dry sense of humour. kk outlet in london dedicates an exhibition to putput, entitled cheating sameness, and opening there on thu - mar 5 [7pm-9pm]. on display is a mash-up of new and retrospective works, such as tribute to the salami, a journey into the marvelous land of the sausage, and sex tape, a literal play on words in the name of fame and fortune. also featured are objective ambition which examines symbolic projected feelings of objects, whilesoft construction reinterprets standard cinder blocks in soft pink foam, highlighting the decorative aspects rather than hardcore functionality. but that's not all, folks. there'll be new work from the boys, in addition to a few fun surprises. location: 42 hoxton square [shoreditch].

© kk outlet - work from the fitting and pretext series