london: primitive store relocation

© primitive - a new home in london town

few multibrand stores we know of have a scope that's so adventurous and intertwined with edgy urban culture as primitive's. after popping up at locations in london, tokyo and los angeles - and other retail stints on the side - it has moved back to the british capital where it has now set up shop at the lighthouse studios, a creative hub in dalston. housed in a quirky, clandestine-looking basement section with an obvious utilitarian edge that lives up to the boutique's edgy rep, it continues to stocks its favourite men's and women's designers from london and tokyo, but now for the first time in one all-inclusive space that also includes a gallery and a studio. so what can be found on the shelves? there's a cool mix of apparel, shoes and accessories by hot brands - of which many are exclusive to the store - and currently includes martin niklas wieser, ambush, cassette playa, dressedundressed and nano aoshima. a buzzing opening bash was held at the nearby hysteria bar where attendees danced to beats delivered by deejays from the u.k. and japan. location: lighthouse studios, 73-75 shacklewell lane, basement section [dalston].

© primitive / party photo: piczo nyakyao - the store interior and dj mademoiselle yulia at the opening party [top to bottom]