london: other x nothing but navy pop-up store

© other - navy is a holiday colour

kirk beattie and matthew murphy are the guys behind london's other shop, and they know a thing or two about tantalizing retail. for the coming holiday season they've teamed up with gemma kay waggett of pop-up retailer nothing but navy out of a mutual passion for all things in a deep shade of blue, to launch a temporary store in buzzing soho. opening on wed - dec 5, the store carries a wide range of tightly edited one-off gift products, including sophie hulme's dinosaur lace cushions, wooden bracelets and rings by bridget harvey, hazel stark ceramics, suzanne antonelli hand-turned baseball bats and stationery. but there's cool stuff for guys as well, such as navy awai iphone cases, belts and card holders, études' wonderful art books and other's very own navy beanies, scarves and pillows. online vintage store cotton love adds up to the unique shopping vibe with a special selection of navy must-have pieces [open through dec 24]. location: 40 berwick street [soho]. 

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