london: other shop x grenson

© other shop - the curt shoe

london's other shop has teamed up with shoe brand grenson to create a six-piece collection. handmade at the latter's factory in britain, the unisex collection's design is taken from utilising the heart of what grenson stands for: tradition, quality and simplicity of design. other shop then stripped it back to create a minimal and modern aesthetic. the collection come in six different styles; the curt has a five eyelet derby in midnight blue and black calf, the alastair chelsea boot with elastic side, in midnight blue with black contrast double leather sole, the james, a classic penny loafer in ocean blue nubuk. and for the girls, there's the evie, a five eyelet derby in black calf with a double leather sole, the clio a penny loafer in ocean blue and finally a chelsea boot, in black calf with black double leather sole painted black. mind you, these collab shoes are made in limited runs of sixteen pairs in style and are individually numbered, and they'll drop in other shop by the end of next month. store location: 21 kingly street [soho].

 © other shop - the chelsea and loafer shoe [top and bottom]