london: other I

currently on at hotshoe gallery is the exhibition other 1, curated by seesaw magazine's aaron schuman. faced with legitimate criticism during the latter half of the 20th century, photography shifted from a medium often used to explore, explain and express the foreign and unfamiliar, to one used to examine, reveal and define oneself. in 1984 art critic + historian andy grundberg noted such a shift starting to occur specifically within the documentary practice. the show features a series of works of contemporary photographers alec soth, viviane sassen and dutch-swedish duo wassinklundgren, who are all cleverly redressing this balance by merging direct encounters with the 'other' into forms of self-exploration, self-revelation and subtle autobiography, equally emphasizing what is in front of the camera – the 'other' – and what's behind it – the 'I' [on through nov 27]. location: 29-31 saffron hill [clerkenwell]. © viviane sassen - arusha from the flamboya series [2005]