london: nudie jeans repair shop opening

© nudie jeans - the denim force from sweden arrives in london

nudie jeans arrive in london town with a fancy concept store all their own. the nudie jeans repair shop measures 140 sqm. [1,507 sq.ft.] spread over two floors. the shop boasts retail space on the ground floor and in the basement, and a showroom also situated on street level. additionally, the store houses the planet's very first official nudie repair station where shoppers can have their old nudie jeans altered and repaired for free by denim specialist. the repair program fits into the brand's strive for a healthier and more sustainable consumption patterns. similar to other nudie jeans store interiors, this one boasts a blend of industrial and rustic vintage furniture, set against a clean backdrop and giving the store an accessible and open feel. the nudie jeans repair shop carries the brand's full range of men's and women's denim, including a few pairs of the limited edition pima selvedge jeans. location: 29 d'arblay street [soho].

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