london: nicholas kirkwood flagship store opening

© nicholas kirkwood - temple of heels cobbler extraordinaire nicholas kirkwood opened his first flagship store in mayfair amidst a string of luxury peers. a veritable temple of heels, the new shop is located in a stately historic building that also accommodates the brand's headquarters. shoppers encounter a sleek, modern yet highly playful interior designed by kirkwood with a little help from artist richard woods. the latter crafted a striking wooden floor that creates a fluidity of sorts with the ends seemingly washing up against the walls. bold white lacquered displays showcase the shoes and playing with the idea of negative space, silhouette and composition as the backdrop becomes ‘invisible’ to the strong silhouettes and artisanal craftsmanship that make-up a typical nicholas kirkwood shoe. location: 5 mount street [mayfair].
© nicholas kirkwood - not your typical shoe store