london: myths and rifts

© kkoutlet / stefanos andreadis

greece and grexit have made a string of dominating headlines these past few months, and although the truth might be akwardly tucked away somewhere in the middle, consequences of this high drama have resonated far beyond the financial arena. opening today [7pm-9pm] at london's kkoutlet is an exhibition that attempts, in a playful, artistic, and last but not least, somewhat cynical kind of way, to make sense of it all. well, sort of. graphic designer and illustrator stefanos andreadis has inked his reaction to the issue directly onto euro bank notes and sends them back into circulation, an eternally travelling protest exhibition. drawing on every bank note he can get his hands on, which to date is a couple of hundreds, is an ongoing project that originally started in february of last year.

these mini works of graffiti use the grand buildings etched into the euros as the backdrops for his satire: a world of public hangings, clandestine business meetings, grim reapers and mob demos. entitled myths and rifts, the show presents 16 of andreadis' new illustrated banknotes. alternating the display of these banknotes are photographs of fellow countryman alexis vasilikos. the photos on display explore the presence of the sublime in everyday life, and in such a way that it seems as if hardly anything can obliterate the resilience of this ancient civilisation. location: 42 hoxton square [shoreditch].

© kkoutlet / alexis vasilikos - dream team, athens [2013] and fingers, leros [2011]