london: mari vanna restaurant opening

© mari vanna - upscale russian diner

the russian revolution not only put an end to tsarist rule, but more or less eradicated an entire culture of refinement, gastronomy included. but times change, and the demise of communism has resulted in a gradual rehabilitation of the country's rich cultural legacy, and a revival of all things deliciously bourgeois. opening in london on fri - mar 30 is mari vanna, an upscale restaurant that serves authentic russian cuisine in a lavish setting that mimicks the frou frou elegance from a bygone era. similar to establishments in st. petersburg, moscow and new york, owners vadim lapin and dmitriy sergeyev based the restaurant's concept on the russian myth of mari vanna, an old woman who took in strangers, cooked elaborate dishes in classic russian tradition, served on her finest china. and with its highly ornamental decorum that includes shelves laden with matryoshka dolls, trinkets and tchotchke, intricate chandeliers and a traditional pechka oven, you could say that the mari vanna diner is a 3d extrapolation of this folk tale. the menu not only features classic russian dishes such as borsh and pampushka, but also a range of delicacies from across russia, an extensive selection of salads and lighter dishes, and last but not least a table laden with yummy cakes. and as they say in russia: Приятного аппетита! location: 116 knightsbridge [knightsbridge].

© mari vanna - a homey vibe