london: man

© art hole / bj broekhuizen - rough man

hailing from cape town, artist bj broekhuizen [1979] has been based in london since 2001. initially a visual merchandiser, broekhuizen later pursued a full-time career as an artist, exploring the intersection of art, science and human anatomy, and this has focus has triggered highly individual drawings with ink and paintings in oil. for as long as he can remember he was enthralled by the random beauty found within the minutest natural forms. not surprisingly, broekhuizen's workplace is more like a laboratory than a traditional studio with piles of medical books and magazines, patient's scans and x-rays. scientific programs, medical journals, and reports are very much at the foundation of his creative vision. the south african's next exhibition, entitled man and curated by art hole, will open at dalston superstore's gallery space on wed - apr 1 [6pm-10pm]. on displaywill be a number works on paper and canvas which are exemplary of his style and choice of topic. location: 11 kingsland high street [dalston].

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