london: levi’s 501 interpretations

levi's celebrates the 140th anniversary of its most iconic model, the levi's 501. and it does so with a special campaign that commemorate how fans and icons in the realms of fashion, music, entertainment are remixing a modern classic. thousands of photos were submitted and featured online, showcasing the jeans' versatility. a selection of these interpretations from around the planet - 501 images to be exact - is featured in a limited edition book called 501 interpretations. an eponymous and related exhibition will open wed - jul 10  [7pm-10pm / invite only] at rook & raven gallery. the showcase obviously presents photos from the book, but also offers a limited edition run of 501 individually numbered books that each feature a unique cover image. no two books will be the same and will come packaged in bespoke linen and a finely crafted custom slipcase. location: 7 rathbone place [soho].

© levi's - denim duo kate bosworth and michael polish