london: in passing

© franck allais - bucklersbury, ec4 [2012]

kk outlet consistently hosts interesting exhibitions, and it's one of our fav galleries in london. opening thu - feb 7 [7pm-9pm] is photographer franck allais first solo exhibition in passing. the showcase presents two of the frenchman's intriguing projects, subverting the city and the weight of words. the first features office workers in the city dressed in conservative business attire from the waist up, but flamboyantly clad in skirts and heels from the waist down. these manipulations are so realistically executed one needs to look twice to assess the imagery. the second project is a photo series in which the physical passing vehicles in the streets are deleted while only the branding messages are visualized, suspended in mid air and vying for our attention. this section is accompanied with a new video that was especially made for this exhibition. location: 42 hoxton square [shoreditch].  

© franck allais - london bridge, ec4 [2012] and driven by commitment [2012]