london: harvest

© other/shop / jess flood-paddock - harvest, holden [2012]

london's other/shop is all about creativity, and as such its quirky vision reaches well beyond the realm of fashion. coinciding with the this year's edition of frieze, one of the planet's leading art fairs, other/shop is hosting an exhibition of artist jess flood-paddock. opening thu - oct 17 [6.30pm-8.30pm / click here to rsvp], the show is curated by austrian menswear designer and art collector raimund berthold and features a selection of works from the artist's previous shows and exhibitions. a graduate of the royal college of art andslade school of fine art, flood paddock creates works that are witty, intelligent and often thought-provoking. perhaps most exemplary of her work to date is harvest, holden [2012], a bicycle seat sculpture, scaled-up and somewhat abstracted in form, exploring the exchange value of objects, and more specifically their emotional value: thinking back to the 2011 london rioters and considering the common place theft of bicycle seats. location: 21 kingly street [soho].

© other/shop / jess flood-paddock - snacks 10 [2011]