london: goodhood x norse projects

© goodhood - the fifth anniversary shop façade says it all

when shopping in the shoreditch area, goodhood is one of the retail establishments from where you'll never leave empty-handed. with its sharp selection of men's apparel, accessories and footwear, they've made quite a name for themselves. and now celebrating its fifth anniversary, goodhood steps up the style game by launching a series of collab projects with some of the best contemporary menswear brands out there. currently on is an in-store showcase with norse projects that features a range of items in all black. the store's old favourite polka dots make an appearance on all the items - look out for the first ever printed elka jacket and also it's worth noting this is the first time norse projects have ever used black labelling. the slogan 'it's grim up north' has been used on the t-shirt - as it was fitting for a brand associated with the cold, cold north. and mind you,  goodhood owners jo sindle and kyle stewart themselves emigrated from the u.k.'s cold north. location: 41 coronet street [shoreditch].

© goodhood - the norse projects in-house showcase and elka jacket in black [top to bottom]