london: exploded fortress of solitude

© gagosian gallery / mike kelley - kandor 10b exploded fortress of solitude [2011] - photography: fredrik nilsen currently on at gagosian gallery in london is artist mike kelley's exploded fortress of solitude, an exhibition of sculptures and a large-scale installation. in 1999 kelley initiated the kandor series, sculptural depictions of superman's birthplace kandor. the superman story speaks of the total destruction of his home planet krypton but it turns out that the city of kandor was not. it was shrunk and bottled by a villain, only to be rescued by the superhero and protected under a bell jar in his fortress of solitude hq. initially examining three-dimensional kandors and related works, kelley has now shifted his investigations to monumental sculptural dimensions, depicting the fortress of solitude as a sort of bunker in ruins. the centerpiece kandor 10b [exploded fortress of solitude] is a pile of dark boulders and slabs forming a cave with a quarry-like foyer made from faux black rock and built on a scale that invites the viewer into the forbidden fortress [on through oct 22]. don't miss this intriguing adventure! location: 6-24 britannia street [barnsbury].
© gagosian gallery / mike kelley - kandor 14 [2011] - photography: fredrik nilsen