london: erik schedin re-release

if it looks this sharp, products should be re-edited indefinitely. behold erik schedin's pristine white sneakers, initially released in 2008 but in one size only. luckily, they now come in various sizes, priced at sek 1,500 [approx. usd 201 or eur 156]. simultaneously an updated version of the designer's tote bag becomes available. it's made from boat cover fabric and has hand-dyed cotton handles and an off-white drawstring rope at the top that runs through stitched button holes. inside there's a zipped pocket and the seams are covered with an off-white tape. quanta costa? sek 2,700 [approx. usd 362 or eur 280]. erik schedin's wannahave items are available at style emporium dover street market, and when you're not in swinging london, you can also order online. © erik schedin