london: elvis at the o2

© elvis at the o2 - exhibition setting

elvis is alive! well, you'd think that when stepping into elvis at the o2 - the exhibition of his life, an elaborate and immersive show - mind you, it's the biggest one ever held this side of the big pond - dedicated to the king of rock 'n roll, elvis aaron presley [1935-1977]. the showcase chronicles the rise of elvis and how he impacted popular culture across the planet through his music, movies and unique personal style. it's a complete documentations which starts right at his humble beginnings and gradually proceeds to his meteoric rise to global fame. it explores how elvismania first swept america off its feet before it expanded abroad, variousrecording sessions, concert tours, his military service, the hollywood movie career, and also his influence on fashion. a absolute bonus is the intimate peek behind into graceland, his iconic mansion home in memphis. the elvis at the o2 exhibition displays over 300 artefacts direct from the presley family’s graceland archives. some have never before been exhibited outside of the graceland premises, while others are on display in rotation for a limited period of time during the nine-month run, giving the exhibition narrative a fresh and exciting story worth seeing on multiple occasions [on through aug 31]. location: o2, peninsula square [greenwich].

© elvis at the o2 - portrait of elvis presley and exhibition setting