london: duane hanson

© serpentine ackler gallery / duane hanson

artist duane hanson [1925-1996] spent his whole professional career creating realistic lifesize scuptures of people. crafted from a variety of materials, including materials, including polyester resin, fiberglass and bronze, these weren't just randomly picked working class individuals but in fact reflected his critical view on american society. hanson gradually began to create life-sized tableaux – depicting soldiers killed in action, police brutality and homeless people – that confront the viewer with devastating truths. widespread criticism of his work abortion in 1965 encouraged the artist to formulate his social and political views as sculptures. in the years that followed, and in the spirit of protest movements of the time, he created sculptures that dealt with social misery and violence. reminiscent of the influential pop art movement of the time, his sculptures transform the banalities and trivialities of everyday life into brilliant iconographic material. currently on at serpentine sackler gallery, amidst the lush greens of kensington gardens is an exhibition of hanson's work which presents key works from his entire oeuvre [on through sep 15]. location: west carriage drive, kensington gardens [knightsbridge].

© serpentine sackler gallery / duane hanson