london: dalston anatomy

© lorenzo vitturi - plastic blue #1 + #2 from the series dalston anatomy [2013]

lorenzo vitturi is an italian photographer based in london and milan. interested in the evolution of urban life in general and the transitioning of specific neighbourhoods in particular, vitturi focused on ridley road market in london's dalston neighbourhood - an area which has seen an accelerated gentrification of late - to capture its very essence through photography before it's lost forever. aptly entitled dalston anatomy, this series documents this soon-to-be extinct urban environment in a rather unique way, arranging found objects, photographs and discarded market materials in often exuberant compositions. currently on display at the photographers' gallery, these are combined with street scenes and portraits of local characters, creating a unique testament. and while vitturi's work may seem colourful and exciting, it does have a certain reflective edge to it, making you ponder over the way we create, consume and whether or not we should decide to preserve [on through oct 19]. location: 16-18 ramillies street [soho].

© lorenzo vitturi - hairy orange, yellow balloons and rotten camote #2, pink #1 + #2 and yellow chalk #1 + #2 [2013]