london: curiouser + curiouser

curiouser + curiouser is the fabulous debut collection of london-based canadian designer alice waese. prior to setting up shop in london, she apprenticed with jeremy laing for two seasons and spent three years as a design assistant to maria cornejo in new york. the curiouser + curiouser collection is very much inspired by alice's fascination with nature and organic materials, fusing sterling silver, rose gold, leather and yarn as core elements of the collection. up to 90 pieces per style, every item incorporates at least some handmade techniques. the designer explores the materials’ properties, in particular the organic and irregular shapes, to then apply her aesthetic in a way that embodies a minimal and timeless theme. her individual approach begins with the basic materials to get a sense of their fundamental nature, how they feel and the tactile nature of the materials used in this collection. the finished effects truly embody alice’s unique vision to her work. the curiouser + curiouser collection is now available at hostem and the number 4.
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