london: connections

© haunch of venison / frank stella - bafq [1965] london's haunch of venison currently hosts frank stella - connections, the most comprehensive exhibition of artist frank stella in the u.k. to date. the show extensively explores stella’s remarkable career and brings together a careful yet stunning selection of two and three dimensional work, from 1958 to the present day, in broad thematic groupings which shed light on stella’s artistic concerns – with planes and surfaces, space and relief, colour and movement, and the limits of representation. as such, it offers surprising and revealing shifts backwards and forwards in time so as to create encounters, juxtapositions and dialogues between works from different series. needless to say, this show is an absolute must-see! [on through nov 19]. location: 6 haunch of venison yard [mayfair].
© haunch of venison - stella's stellar show