london: city cycle style

© horst a. friedrichs - sir paul smith on a limited range paul smith tour bike by mercian.

horst a. friedrichs is not only a leading fashion photographer but also an avid cyclist. his new exhibition city cycle style at the royal exchange captures 40 of london's most stylish cyclists on their bicycle of choice, from vintage and fixed-gear to classic lightweight and superbritish pashley bikes. the motley crew of cyclists includes mayor boris johnson, designer paul smith and drag queen jonny woo. the show launches tue - sep 27 [invite only] with an auction of the original boris bike, engraved with london mayor boris johnson’s signature to raise funds for the lord mayor's appeal 2011, but can be viewed by the public from the next day at a 24-hour outdoor gallery on the east side or back entrance of the royal exchange. the city cycle style exhibition is the second campaign by the city of london to champion cycling. location: threadneedle street [city].

© horst a. friedrichs - jonny woo on a 3-speed dutchie bike