london: christian louboutin windows at selfridges

© studioxag - that's christian winking at you...

celebrating the 20th anniversary of the christian louboutin brand, london's magnificent studioxag was commissioned to design five window displays and a concept space at selfridges. the windows are composed from a series of 2d graphics, and each image has been photographed especially for the project. exploring symmetry, changing scale, repetition and kaleidoscopic motion, each window focuses on a different form of movement with specially engineered mechanical elements powering the moving graphics while also showcasing key product detailing. each of the orchard street windows showcases a key style found within the concept store, including styles from the 20th anniversary capsule collection for women, re-issued iconic styles from the archive, and a selection of men's new season style.

the most stunning window is the one on oxford street which features aseries of concentric rings, each one devoted to a specific product, rotate at a variety of speeds and in different directions. louboutin clad legs march around oversized images of the master himself. the concept space mimicks the aesthetics of christian louboutin's plush boutiques, featuring a signature arch coving display re-interpreted through a mirror gold finish, plinths for footwear and bags appearing as solid gold blocks with tactile upholstered leather tops in signature louboutin red. it's the final week of the window displays, so hurry before all the visual action, and the coveted louboutin shoes are packed up. location: orchard street + oxford street [mayfair].

© studioxag - a mini louboutin universe