london: chanel lands at harrods

© chanel - chanel's massive showcase at harrods from paris with love. we're talking chanel's massive take-over of london retail institution harrods. the french luxury brand has transformed the department store's façade by redesigning all of its shop windows. each window, crafted with a stylishly surrealistic vibe à la lagerfeld, features chanel's ready‐to‐wear collection with touches of whimsical french fairy tales. additionally, pop-up boutiques for both fashion and beauty have been created. further displays include a preview of exclusive watches and fine jewellery. the fashion pop-up measures a sizable 150 sqm. and is encased in white and black exterior walls embossed with regal lion’s heads. the interior is divided into three coloured rooms – one red, one green and one blue – and this setting transforms accessories, bags, shoes and costume jewellery into a sumptuous, magical forest. the beauty pop-up is also located on the ground floor and showcases the knightsbridge collection, created by peter philips, creative director of chanel make‐up. completing the chanel experience at harrods is the installation une promenade, featuring the brand's iconic codes on the third floor. chanel's power showcase will be on display for the next three weeks. location: 87-135 brompton road [knightsbridge].
© chanel - parisian chic on brompton road