london: burberry flagship store opening

© burberry - the new flagship of flagships on regent street

a stellar retail statement that not only celebrates its meteoric return to the top, but also one that brings every aspect to life of the plaid galaxy. we're talking burberry's newest flagship in london, and with no less than 44,000 sq.ft. [4,088 sqm.] of retail space it's also by far the largest on the planet. chief creative officer christopher bailey has had the massive structure meticulously restored with the help of an army of highly specialized craftsmen. known for embracing modern technology, the interior incorporates elements of sophisticated hi-tech, and to such an extent that it blurs the line between a shopper's online and offline experience of the brand. the so-called burberry retail theatre concept has been boosted to the max, and with 100 screens and nearly 500 speakers it is without doubt the pinnacle of this immersive audio-visual experience. every interior detail has been fussed over to ensure an effortless decorum that seamlessly matches the brand's core values. as you can imagine, the store carries all of the brand's collections...and more. an exclusive bespoke service is available, and especially for the store launch, the limited edition regent street collection of men's and women's trench coats, shoes and iconic bags has been designed. and being burberry's flagship of flagships, it'll also be a venue where events will be hosted. burberry already has plans to stage acoustic gigs and other cultural events. location: 121 regent street [mayfair].

© burberry - regal retail splendour