london: buddha-bar opening

© buddha bar - rivalling the paris original

while some say that nothing beats the magic of the paris original, we think it has now got a competitive sister establishment on its hand. after closing its doors two years ago, buddha-bar returns to london, in a totally different setting and ownership. the restaurant occupies two floors and features a swanky interior that meticulously blends asian and colonial aesthetics. the focal point of all this dazzling splendour is a maquette of a buddha sculpture by renowned artist david begbie, created from a single sheet of bronze mesh. additionally, begbie created a complementing wall-mounted piece that consists of no less than 207 brass buddha figures. another ornamental feature are the crystal chinese dragons that hang elaborately from the ground floor ceiling, enticing guests down into its buzzing lair. so, what's on the menu? matching the decorum, buddha-bar's cuisine is a sophisticated fusion of flavours from the orient and western tastes, and resulting is several signature dishes, such as buddha-bar chicken, venison tataki and spicy tuna tartar. additionally, gourmets can opt from a wide variety of tasty classics like sashimi, sushi maki rolls and tempura. desserts are taken just as seriously at buddha-bar, with refined concoctions by its renowned pastry chef. obviously, the drinks list includes almost any imaginable beverage, including a series of avant-garde cocktails by a skilled mixologist. and as buddha-bar is a place that tickles all of your senses, the live dj spins a subtle mix of electro-style beats, ethnic and tribal sounds and everyone's all-time faves. earlier this week the yelloween launch party was held, pulling a crowd of london hipsters to the premises. location: 145 knightsbridge [knightsbridge].

© buddha bar - inside buddha-bar, opening party guests [top to bottom]