london: botanical gin garden opening

© carom - a lush pop-up watering hole

given the london bar scene's obsession with innovative drinks alchemy, it's little wonder gin, crafted from multivarious herbs, flowers and seeds, has captured the imagination of bar tenders and mixologists. the botanical gin garden at carom pays homage to gin's magical make up through a delightful, multi-sensory indoor garden. the walls are fragrant with living herbs, crates bloom with potting plants and jam jars erupt with wild flowers. a partnership with tanquery gin, alongside a new drinks menu, the six-month pop-up will host a series of events including midnight garden parties, plant foraging sessions to create your own bespoke cocktail creations and supper clubs partnering cocktails with complementary canapes from carom's pan-asian inspired food menu. the cocktail menu is crafted by expert bar tenders calum lawrie and adam spinks and is designed to draw out and complement the natural flavours of gin. take the sweet and perfumed rose + lychee collins finished with real rose petals and orange peel or the indian-inspired rangpur southside shaken with punchy ginger, lime and bay leaves. not into cocktails? purists can take their pick from a generous 90-gin menu. location: 100 wardour street [soho].

© carom - garden delight