london: being / dreaming

© hugo & marie / micah lidberg - a few of my favourite things

arts and sciences are two disciplines that are often thought of as disparate ways of looking at the world, when in fact both incite curiosity and encourage an exploration of the world we inhabit. both innovate and encourage different ways of thinking. the being / dreaming show at kk outlet explores this collision of arts and science, and brings together the works of twelve artists in the first ever showcase of new york-based creative agency hugo & marie. the agency's activities don't adequately define who they are and what they do. the creatives they work with are some of the most talented contemporary visual artists and together they have produced an array of thrilling and brilliant pieces of work across a range of different mediums. the exhibition opens thu - apr 4 [7pm-9pm], and presents over 100 eclectic works, displayed in a traditional salon style, from various artists. participating creatives include hisham akira bharoocha, kustaa saksi, deanne cheuk, hvass & hannibal and jules julien. location: 42 hoxton square [shoreditch].

© hugo & marie / santto mustonen - capsule [red]