london: bean pole x christophe lemaire collection

© liberty - the window installation at liberty

bean pole is a korean leisure apparel brand, launched by the omnipresent samsung corporation back in 1989. well-established on home turf, bean pole now features women's, kids, golf and denim collections. eager to gain intermational recognition, it has forged a collab with christophe lemaire - artistic director at hermès - for a rather cool men's a/w 2012 collection. lemaire drew inspiration from the 1980s french novö music movement, and is a modern reworking of the brand’s identity. the word novö was coined by underground rock critic and writer yves adrien in his cult novel novövision [1978]. adrien anticipated the revolution of synthesizers and computers in rock and pop music initiated by avant-garde bands like kraftwerk, suicide, and cabaret voltaire. novö then became used to describe a whole european new wave generation into post-punk, proto-electronic, and minimal-wave bands. the collab collection is designed around these austere, urban aesthetics. the collection has been shot by photographer pierre debusschere, and is available at liberty's main store in london. coinciding with the launch a special window installation styled by dazed & confused's robbie spencer has been revealed. shown below are three looks from the collection that we particularly like. liberty main store location: 210-220 regent street [soho].

© pierre debusschere