london: bauhaus - art as life

© herbert bayer - postcard no. 11 for the bauhaus exhibition in weimar [1923]

the biggest bauhaus exhibition in the u.k. in the past few decades is currently on at the barbican art gallery. elaborating on the movement's expressionist beginnings to a pioneering model uniting art and technology, this showcase presents its utopian vision to change society in the aftermath of the first world war. the show explores the diverse artistic production that made up its turbulent 14-year history and delves into the subjects at the heart of the school: art, culture, life, politics and society, and the changing technology of the age. on display is a rich array of painting, sculpture, design, architecture, film, photography, textiles, ceramics, theatre and installation by various bauhaus creatives such as martin gropius, ludwig mies von der rohe and lászló moholy-nagy, in addition to works by lesser-known bauhaus artists and students. a special events program is launched alongside the exhibition [on through aug 12]. location: silk street [city].

© josef albers - set of four stacking tables [c. 1927]