london: bamdazzle umbrella

© maharishi - bamdazzle umbrella - variant 1 braving this season's precipitation can now be done in style. we're talking the london undercover x maharishi dpm collab bamdazzle umbrellas. available in two variants, these stunners are made in france with a traditional metal frame and runner attached to a natural beech wood shaft. the black + white fabric pattern? it's inspired by the dazzle paint scheme used on navy ships during ww I. the complex geometric shapes were designed to confuse nazi torpedo operators as to the direction the ship was travelling, the distance away and how fast it was moving. the london undercover x maharishi dpm collab umbrellas are exclusively available maharishi's london store, but if you don't reside in britain's rainy capital you can also order online. store location: 2-3 great pulteney street [soho].
© maharishi - bamdazzle umbrella - variant 2...can you spot the difference?