london: attendant espresso bar opening

© attendant - from public toilet to funky espresso bar

some things deserve a new lease on life. when pete tomlinson and ben russell were having a beer at a bar, a disused victorian public street toilet located across from where they were sitting caught their attention. the subterranean location had been bought off the city council back in the 1980s and the owner had put it up for rent. the place had been dormant for over half a century, and when checking out the premises tomlinson and russell came across lots of historic details and instantly fell in love with the place. after a thorough clean-up and meticulous renovation - mind you, the iron cupola alone took eight long months to strip back and required twelve layers of fresh paint - they proudly opened an espresso bar. called attendant, it has become an cool and eclectic spot which blends much of the original features with modern elements.

the porcelain urinals, produced by doulton & co. in 1890, have been creatively converted into an inspired seating line while the old attendant’s office, complete with payment window, has been turned into a little kitchen. an old hand drier even sits above modern banquette seating. caravan roastery supplies the coffee beans and hand-roasted green beans are sourced from single farms and estates, indicating attendant's very contemporary conduct of business. and there's plenty ot tasty drinks and bites as well, from juices, home-baked ham bagels and fruit cups, to freshly made sandwiches, pulled pork and even roasted veggie salads. location: 27a foley street [fitzrovia].

© attendant - subterranean coolness