london: alef magazine #1

© alef - cover of issue #1

launched today at serpentine gallery in london is alef, a new magazine dedicated to culture, creativity and innovation from talents in the booming gulf region. an independent magazine published out of doha, it's printed bi-monthly in english and arabic. a comprehensive launch event held today at the serpentine gallery explores the british capital's myriad of connections with the arab world through discussions, oral histories and interactive environments, and also coincides with qatar uk, the 2013 bilateral celebration commemorating the friendship between qatar and the united kingdom, and the london mayor’s shubbak festival, a biannual event that celebrates arab contemporary art and culture. so, what's in alef issue  #1? there's a variety of interesting features: a portrait of airline pilot-turned-musician saoud jassim, the flagship exhibition and book that precedes the opening of the prestigious louvre abu dhabi museum, a closer look at designer khalid shafar's work and the green passivhaus project in qatar. alef is available at global newsstands and in independent newsagents around the planet. launch location: hyde park [kensington].

© alef - spreads from the launch issue