london: aesop store opening

© aesop - adding up to the cool covent garden retail mix

the renaissance of the covent garden area is a carefully orchestrated masterplan that has been going on for quite some time. it blends upscale residential housing with curated hospitality and retail, and in such a way that it has once again become one of london's most exciting and fun to shop and unwind. adding to the increasingly appealing mix is today's opening of aesop's newest store in the british capital. as always, the brand's shop interiors reference their surroundings or a local cultural icon, and with this store it's no different. the brilliant décor - crafted by paris-based architecture practice ciguë - is based on no less than four key design references.

there's a quote by virginia woolf, a francis bacon painting, a henry moore sculpture, and, quite sursprisingly, an excerpt from beauty and the beast. this hodgepodge has resulted in a sleek retail space with whitewashed walls, from which shelving, a wash basin and desk protrude in a linear scheme, paired with exposed copper plumbing and light fixtures. a floor or engraved green cement that references covent garden's 17th-century italianate piazza adds a funky edge. the new aesop store carries the brand's full range of skin, body and hair care products. location: 7 king street [covent garden].

© aesop - whitewashed walls and an engraved green cement floor