london: aesop store opening

© aesop - utilitarian chic retail environment

aesop keeps rapidly expanding in london, and opens up shop in the happening islington area. another collab with paris-based architecture practice ciguë, the retail space meticulously references modest utilitarian spaces of the early 20th century. it's Inspired by the unintentionally appealing aesthetics of a well-ordered 1930s laboratory. ciguë’s primary intention was to adapt traditional materials and methods of fabrication to new purposes, making radical use of the ostensibly simple. glass is put to unique use in hand-made glass taps and pipes while strong yet malleable metal provides shelving with thin, sharp profiles. polished marble serves for basins and work surfaces. other elements are made from reclaimed wood found in a 200-year-old monastery in the french basque countryside. the restrained and inventive use of each material and logical ordering of space reveal a balanced retail environment similar to other aesop stores. this new aesop depository carries the brand's complete range of body, skin and hair products. location: 56 cross street [islington].

© aesop - superior cosmetics