london: aerial perspectives

© alex maclean - b-52 bone yard in tucson, arizona [1994]

alex maclean [1947] is an american photographer with a rather unique perspective. a fully licensed pilot, maclean takes to the skies in his cessna 182 airplane in search of photogenic landscapes, architecture and human behaviour. his photographs have a intriguing graphic quality and are often thought provoking as they reveal humanity's footprint on the natural world. maclean graduated from the harvard graduate school of design in 1973 with a master of architecture degree. his interest in aerial scenes came about through his study and understanding of community and commercial planning from an architectural perspective, and this acquired knowledge can be traced in his work. opening on mon - mar 3 at beetles+huxley gallery in london is aerial perspectives, a solo exhibition which aims to present some of maclean's most striking photographs in celebration of his exceptional contribution to photography. location: 3-5 swallow street [soho].

© alex maclean - loaded coal train cars in norfolk, virginia [2011] and territory of umbrellas in camaiore, tuscany [2010]