london: acne store opening

© acne  - this arguably is acne's fanciest store on the planet

ever since opening up shop in the marais district in paris, acne's retail aesthetics have further evolved, experimenting with form and materials to better reflect the brand's contemporary image. its newest series of stores are nothing short of supersleek retail shrines that visually entertain and offer nice goods along the way. acne's newest store in london, its third in the city, is no exception. situated just off fulham road in leafy knightsbridge, it occupies the ground floor and basement section of a lowrise structure. oozing a discreet kind of chic, walls are covered in mesh steel and polished steel panels.

while the austerity of the design is reinforced by the neon light fixtures, installed in rows overhead, the fluffy pink carpet flooring simultaneously provides a softer, welcoming edge. the store is furnished by only a few items. sleek metal clothing racks are attached to the wall and most of the storage is cleverly hidden behind sliding doors. the minimalist setting really makes the clothes pop. well, and the pink sofa ensemble. the new acne store carries the brand's full range of men's and women's apparel, shoes and accessories collection. location: 93 pelham street [knightsbridge].

© acne - mesh metal makes a cool interior