ljubljana: systems and patterns

© mounir fatmi + galerie conrads, dusseldorf - mixology [2010]

opening today at ljubljana's international centre of graphic arts is systems and patterns, an interesting exhibition that attempts to show, through selected works – the crucial dilemmas involved in the representation of the middle east, both on the part of the creators of images and on the part of its viewers. the representation ranges from secularized cosmopolitan images of the area to a renewed consideration of, and even an insistence on nurturing, local cultural traditions and religion. preconceived and stereotypical ideas about middle eastern contemporary art do exist, although in a much more sophisticated way, even in the system of contemporary art.  the systems and patterns exhibition intentionally avoids the topical art of the arab spring and instead focuses on questions relating to artistic universality [on through nov 18]. related to the show is a program of video screenings, tours, workshops and even an invite to a cup of tea. exhibiting artists include slavs and tatars, mounir fatmi, mona hatoum, abdulnasser gharem and hala elkoussy. location: pod turnom 3 [downtown].

© nadour collection / abdulnasser gharem - the path [2007]