las vegas: john varvatos store opening

there's a new place in town where to spend big time when hitting that jackpot: it's the john varvatos bowery nyc concept store. modeled after the original in new york, it's located inside the newly renovated hard rock hotel & casino and boasts a similar rock 'n roll vibe. next to all of the brand's lines [collection, star usa and converse], the 3,000 sq.ft. store also offers shoppers vintage items and matching jewellery pieces. to emphasize its rock 'n roll focus, the new john varvatos store additionally features the complete range of james trussart guitars plus vintage vinyl records and audio equipment. mind you, just as in new york, there's a fully-equipped stage where visiting rockers and shoppers can engage in inpromtu jam sessions. location: 4455 paradise road [paradise valley]. © john varvatos