kuwait: thouq store opening

© thouq - a cool shop smack in the middle of souk al-mubarakiya

thouq is a kuwait-based magazine that has been pioneering contemporary lifestyle since its foundation in 2004. meaning 'taste' in arabic, the magazine has innovatively expanded to limited-edition book and travel guides, but also beyond the realm of printed media with a website, online social networks and interactive mobile apps. it has now taken its expertise to a new level and opened the thouq shop. located smack in the middle of souk al-mubarakiya, the oldest open-air market place in downtown kuwait city with many renovated heritage structures. amidst traditional little shops and restaurants, the compact retail space - mind you, it measures just 12 sqm. [129 sq.ft.] - is a very much an extension of thouq magazine's creative work and design legacy.

the shop is currently packed with shop co-founder ahmad al-ghanim's affordable, pop art-inspired artworks and thouq back issues, in addition to a selection of unique products, from interesting books and dvd's to cool jewellery pieces by lb o j'zazz and apparel items by tata botatafabric 8 and cash x thouq, the magazine's very own sportswear collection. the shop has a weekly rotation of new merchandise and the decorum also changes per season, giving shoppers a good incentive to drop by regularly and snap up new trophies. location: souk al-mubarakiya, ahmed al-jaber street [downtown].

© thouq - packed with cool stuff