johannesburg: supercalifragilisticexpilalidocious

© porky hefer – piranha 1: nerina – leather, sheepskin, steel / photography: justin patrick 

based in south africa, a country blessed with a rich natural diversity, designer porky hefer obviously has a thing for local wildlife. he created monstera deliciosa, a collection of suspended animal-shaped chairs, or living pods if you prefer, all made from a variety of materials and using local skills and processes, including weaving, stitching and splicing together different fibres. presented in 2015 at the southern guild gallery in cape town – mind you, that year the gallery also introduced the pieces to a global audience at design miami – the collection is now on display at the gallery's outpost in johannesburg. evocatively entitled supercalifragilisticexpilalidocious, the show displays animals such as a piranha, crocodile, killer whale and lion, but also new pieces such as the baby bird. all are intended to cozily nestle in and relax [on through nov 4]. location: trumpet building, 19 keyes avenue [rosebank].

© southern guild / porky hefer – crocodylus eugenie – leather, sheepskin, steel / photography: justin patrick