jakarta: w_space shop-in-shop

© natasha gabriella tontey / whiteboard journal - the w_space shop-in-shop

popular indonesian lifestyle blog whiteboard journal takes its style vision into the 3d realm, opening a shop-in-shop at the goods department, a hipster emporium in downtown jakarta. dubbed w_space, it's a retail venture with a rotating theme [every two months], and has launched with a well-edited selection of quality vintage menswear. so what's there to be readily snapped up? an assortment of shirts, hats and jackets in a wild variety of patterns: flower, paisley, and native american, but also checkered and patchwork apparel items. happy shopping! location: plaza indonesia extension, jalan thamrin 28-30, shop L4-14 [menteng].

© natasha gabriella tontey / whiteboard journal - vintage apparel for stylish jakartans