jakarta: three buns restaurant opening

© three buns

a city better known for its stark contrasts, sprawling dimensions, and last but not least, brutal traffic jams, jakarta's pleasurable side is often easily overlooked. the city has many interesting bars and restaurants, but these gems are often hidden in unexpected places, away from the many glitzy yet generic shopping malls that line the main thoroughfares. these past few years jakarta has seen its lifestyle infrastructure slowly transform into one that's as diverse and sophisticated as those of other southeast asian capitals, and exciting new options continue to pop up across town that meet the requirements, or better still titillate, a growing demographic of savvy young consumers. an epitome of this move forward is a cool new establishment called three buns.

tucked away in the upscale residential area of kebayoran baru, it's conceptualized by innovative hospitality entrepreneurs ronald akili and jason gunawan, and its name is a bold pointer towards what's on the menu here: burgers. not just any hamburgers, but ones defined by chef adam penney. but let's first talk about three buns' unique interior. housed in a voluminous hangar-like structure with a latticed and transparent roof and façade, the place has a contemporary and laid-back feel. a vintage re-conditioned camper van is situated at the entrance, and beside being a cool playful prop, it also serves as order station for customers.

an elongated bar and stylish rattan seating arrangements are situated opposite a terraced wooden platform with more informal japanese-style seating. a similar yet steeper construction can be found at the back. the space is dotted with luscious potted plants which add up to the sense of a hideaway from the city's hustle and bustle. chef adam penney hails from london where he made a name for himself in some of the best kitchens. a true burger connaisseur, his cooking marries rigorous classical training with a deep passion for simple and honest food with hard hitting flavours. penney uses the finest australian brahman beef and combines it with a bespoke artisan bun.

his burgers are cooked precisely to medium unless otherwise requested. the menu includes the baby huey, a classic cheeseburger with slow cooked ketchup, smoky mustard and paprika mayo, and the burning man, a burger garnished with roasted jalapeño peppers, cheese and a japanese mayonnaise made with shaved bonito and kombu. side dishes include obvious options such as fries and salads, but also something more adventurous like hand-cut potatoes smothered in a gojuchang. as for drinks, an enticing list has been drafted by renowned mixologist dré masso, and features house-made natural sodas, craft bottled cocktails, as well as frozen coladas, premium spirits and select wines. a hospitality formula with an international appeal, it's not surprising a sister establishment is due to open in singapore. location: jalan senopati raya 90 [kebayoran baru].

© three buns