jakarta: this is not street art!

© dia.lo.gue / jange rae - ideas

tucked away in the maze of bustling streets of the leafy kemang neighbourhood, dia.lo.gue is one of jakarta's very few noteworthy art venues where aficionados are able to immerse themselves in contemporary culture. as such, it's an institute that's well-connected in the city's flourishing creative scene, and it's modern venue has become a popular meeting place for kindred spirits. dia.lo.gue is known for hosting a wide variety of interesting cultural events, and the current show at the venue's gallery space is exemplary of this focus, featuring four established artists from home and abroad: eddie hara, darbotzjange rae and matthias willi

antagonistically entitled this is not street art!, the showcase explores through of a series of works by the aforementioned creatives the most recent developments of visual ideas in both photography and painting, the many connections shared between them, and how a fusion of the two disciplines can lead to an entirely new artistic vocabulary and expression. yes indeed, visual comprehension stems from visual adaptation, and lays bare the many processes – from personal perceptions to developments on a bigger scale – that precede it. these works on display perfectly pinpoint this intricate trajectory [on through sep 10]. location: dia.lo.gue, jalan kemang raya 99a [kemang].

© dia.lo.gue / matthias willi - moments after the show, juliette lewis [top] + eddie hara - wrong line does matter [bottom]