jakarta: exi(s)t #4 - the food files

© dia.lo.gue / installation of grace joetama

since its inception in 2011, the exi(s)t program has aimed to create an opportunity for young jakarta-based artists to participate in a series of workshops and exhibitions at dia.lo.gue artspace with a specific curatorial theme. the current exi(s)t #4 edition invites both artists and visitors to reflect upon this primary need, but which also manifests itself within the urban lifestyle context of the indonesian capital as a highly appreciated form of entertainment. the event is once again curated by mitha budhyarto and evelyn huang, and has a varied approach, featuring a series of installations by various artists that present artistic perspectives on food, but also includes discussions about how food can't be separated from the bigger picture that consists of production, distribution and consumption processes, and the political, social, in addition to the cultural backgrounds that shape our perceptions on the topic matter [on through dec 13]. location: dia.lo.gue artspace, jalan kemang raya 99a [kemang].

© dia.lo.gue / installation of cempaka surakusumah