istanbul: house of waris

© istanbul'74 - an impeccably dressed waris ahluwalia

few men match the effortless sense of style of jewellery designer and occasional actor waris ahluwalia. this modern day dandy from new york city deservedly appeared on vanity fair's 2010 international best dressed list, but he just as easily translates his inimitable savoir-vivre into coveted pieces of bling. presented by istanbul'74, a multi-disciplinary collective of sorts that aims to connect the city of istanbul with directional creatives and cultural scenes across the planet, an exhibition dedicated to ahluwalia and his house of waris jewellery brand opens thu - oct 18 [6pm-8pm] at the collective's gallery space. ahluwalia's aesthetics are rooted in his fascination of ancient kingdoms, and his often bedazzling pieces make use of world techniques and splendour to become premium examples of modern romantic design. in fact, he is on a mission to preserve the meticulous ways of the true craftsman and has spent the last seven years searching the planet for the artisans that approach their craft with passion and an innate understanding of raw materials. the exhibition features a curated selection of jewellery, as well as never before seen pieces by the designer. also on display are a series of photographs of ahluwalia and his work. the exhibition setting has been especially designed by leading turkish design practice autoban. location: süha fazlı han, first floor, şarap ıskelesi sokak 8 [karaköy].

© istanbul'74 - waris ahluwalia's bedazzling pavé diamond talon ring [18-carat gold and 1.45 carat diamonds]