istanbul: soho house istanbul opening

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situated at a strategic location that straddles two continents, istanbul has garnered a cultural legacy that was founded more than 2,000 years ago. now a sprawling city of over 14 million inhabitants, it's writing history with an unprecedented boom – it's the epicenter of turkey's new turbo economy and a major commercial and transport hub in between europe and the middle east – across many levels and segments, including the creative industry. needless to say, this is exactly the kind of scene soho house – the renowned london-based hospitality group for creative professionals – wants to partake in with its members-only club concept.

the newly opened soho house istanbul is quite a statement. occupying the palazzo corpi, an ornate italianate building from the 1870s and the former u.s. embassy to the ottoman empire, it very much represents lavish living from a bygone era. the building has been entirely restored with great effort, retaining all of the building's original frescoes, finely etched glasswork, inlaid parquet floors, elegant fireplaces and other architectural features. meanwhile an annex has been built, featuring 87 rooms in various sizes, including 17 mezzanine rooms and one lavish 137 sqm. apartment with a large terrace and jacuzzi for those who love living large.

obviously, all rooms meet the standards and requirements of today's modern traveller, but given the unique historic context of soho house istanbul, the sharp eye for detail has resulted sumptuous pads that effortlessly blends comfort, style and culture into a mesmerizing mix. but the biggest appeal obviously is palazzo corpi, and it's here where each of its fabulous rooms and spaces has been given a new purpose that adds to the soho house experience. facilities include the so-called mandoline terrace, a secluded spot perched on the roof with sweeping views of the city and serving an array of sophisticated turkish bites.

the dining room has a choice of international faves on the all-day menu, complemented by local dishes and a tempting list of signature cocktails and other bervaregs. and while the aforementioned venues cater to members only, two other restaurants are accessible for visitors as well. the allis, housed in the glass building, is a stylish café serving anything from light breakfasts and lunches, to afternoon tea and mezzes in the evening. opening later this month is cecconi's, the newest branch of the renowned italian gourmet restaurant chain. and because all that play can be quite exhausting, the soon-to-open cowshed gym + spa comes to the rescue with a series of excellent facilities and treatments that have you up and running again in a jiffy. location: meşrutiyet caddesi 56 [beyoğlu].

© soho house istanbul