istanbul: say what?

© galeri zilberman / uriel orlow - the long and the short of it - untitled, from the bitter lake chronicles [2010-2012]

opening wed - jan 14 at galeri zilberman in istanbul is the say what? group exhibition curated by gülsen bal and walter seidl. the turkish-austrian duo have rallied have gathered a variety of works around the increasingly important question of how to relate to community and belonging in light of the fact that the debates on the conditions of global capitalism affect different countries in different ways. the failure of modern history, coupled with a fading consciousness of personal interests, leads to representation under the umbrella of internationalism, reinforcing the familiar process that unfolds as a result of flogging the multiculturalist image of belonging to the 'people of the world'. the exhibition presents a variety of artistic stances before the backdrop of significant historical and community-related contexts, and the works on display bear witness to how present day individuals have to claim a status of exceptionality in a seemingly globalised world. the artists participating in this show are heba y. amin, valie export, uriel orlow, nada prlja and santiago sierra. location: mısır apartımanı, istiklal caddesi 163 k3 [beyoglu].

© galeri zilberman / santiago sierra - 1000 black posters [2012]