istanbul: kapital

© galeri manâ - nasan tur's gallery installation galeri manâ is a newly established contemporary art gallery in istanbul's buzzing tophane area. currently on is artist nasan tur's solo exhibition kapital. featuring four new related works that create an evocative installation, the title work is a triptych featuring handmade sheets of paper formed from the 1957 edition of karl marx’s iconic das kapital manifest. the work aims to inspire the viewer to consider the systems of exchange at work in our global society. simultaneously held is photographer lewis baltz' show sites of technology, featuring a series of works that explore the impact of the information age on our world. both artists share a thematic focus on the cultural ideologies encoded in everyday life [on through nov 12]. location: ali paşa değirmeni sokak 16-18 [tophane].
© galeri manâ / nasan tur - countdown [2011]