istanbul: entropy

© annika von hausswolff + andrehn schiptjenko / annika von hausswolff - the 21st centrury transitional object [2004]

founded in 2008, galeri zilberman is a contemporary art gallery in istanbul which represents established and emerging turkish artists who aim to innovate and challenge the boundaries of their chosen discipline. the gallery is well-connected in the international art scene and hosts rotating program of exhibitions which reflects its diverse and cosmopolitan scope on art. currently on is a group exhibition called entropy, featuring new and recent work by artists christoph büchel, maurizio cattelan, annika von hausswolff, william e. jones, kay rosen and frank selby. the title refers to a term in thermodynamics that's associated with a certain level of disorder within a system.

but when applied to cultural and political theory, it could be interpreted as the recognition of subversive elements or destabilizing forces in a closed system. one of such systems is our linguistic system. comprising of a widely accepted set of rules, language is an abstract system of signs and symbols and the construction of meaning often depends on various contexts and subjective interpretations. as such, a seemingly rigid system can be disturbed by a minor change, or a certain degree of ambivalence can effectively alter meaning. curator vassilios doupas has selected a series of works by the aforementioned artists which fit in the exhibition's context with each a fittingly matching dynamic of its own [on through jan 4]. location: istiklal caddesi 163, mısır apartment [beyoğlu].

© frank selby + the apartment / frank selby - devlin weathermen [2011]